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Located at the northeastern tip of the United States, Maine showcases one of the most diverse geographical regions but none more beautiful than its coastline. Traveling along Route 1, you get to see many thriving coastal communities, historic towns, peaceful villages, and serene beaches.

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Maine’s coastal towns are excellent places to live, and as a result, coastal Maine real estate is in high demand right now. You’ll find many homes with a lot of space around them that are close to beaches and harbors, where you can experience the taste of a New England boiled dinner or just walk up to a shack and try the famous Maine lobster roll. There’s always something exciting to do when you live in a beach house, as options for entertainment, food, and shopping are always close by.
Living on the beach certainly isn’t a requirement to enjoy all these amazing aspects the Maine coastline has to offer. Moving inland away from the coast often gives you more space to enjoy, whether it be in your back yard or a nearby nature trail or lake. These inland towns hold a quaint picturesque feel without being caught up in the state’s often heavy tourism. You are able to really see and be a part of the community, while being close enough to the coast for a visit when you choose.
If you’re into sailing, then you’re in luck. Sailing is big in Maine, with many people enjoying the activity owing to its 3500-mile coastline and more than 2500 lakes. Hence, you’ll see many waterfront properties close to small harbors or piers with docked boats, allowing Mainers easy access to their favorite pastime. Additionally, these waterfront properties are great for freshwater and saltwater fishing. You’ll see fishermen chasing salmon, bass, trout, and even Bluefin tuna.
There’s lots to do in Maine. The southern part is home to long stretches of sandy beaches with luxury hotels, inns, and spa resorts on nearby cliffs that overlook the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll even find golf courses and amusement parks near the coast, making it the perfect location to play a few rounds and still have enough time for a stroll along the beach to witness a mesmerizing sunset.

So if you’re planning to grab coastal Maine real estate, you’ll be happy to know that there are countless communities present with beautiful homes to raise a family in or enjoy a life of peace and tranquility. However, you need to get in touch with a credible real estate agent that knows the community and the coastal Maine real estate as many buyers aren’t listing homes, leading to a lack of inventory.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Help You?

If you’re looking to sell your home, having a trustworthy real estate agent by your side can be one of your biggest assets. A talented listing agent will make a home selling transaction smoother, keeping your best interests at heart.

Listing Your Property

The first thing they’ll help you with is a fair valuation and listing price. They are intune with the market and will be able to come up with a figure that will competitively list your property among others in the area. They are also able to suggest possible home repairs that could maximise earnings for the seller, like an updated bathroom or finally repairing the driveway that has been put off year after year.

Your Real Estate agent will then market your listing, which includes listing it on the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) database. Digital advertising, social media, and networking all play a big role in successfully marketing your property to reach targeted potential buyers. Having a well connected agent to the community and other professionals is a valuable tool and can make a big difference in how smooth a transaction can go. Charlene’s Coastal Properties has many great connections in the community to help you through this process.

Deals and Negotiations

A real estate agent with years of experience can properly vet a potential buyer. They are able to check a buyer’s finances prior to showing so they can efficiently find those qualified for your home. Then they are able to help negotiate prices in terms of smaller expenses like closing costs, warranties, and inspections to maximise their client’s earnings.


It is also a real estate agent’s job to prepare, submit and properly file contracts and agreements between buyer and seller. Helping navigate a quick and painless closing through proper documentation and filing is important to not only saving money , but time and patience as well.

Current Hot Market in Maine

Over the last couple of months, Maine real estate has been in high demand from buyers all over the country. In fact, even before the pandemic, Maine saw one of the highest surges in its housing market’s history.
The reason for many taking an interest in Maine’s coast is largely due to the pandemic. Many find safety in this urban exile as the pandemic brings uncertainties. The quality of life coupled with a rise in work from home nature of employment opportunities and Maine’s low-interest rates make it an ideal place to own a house.

With a rise in buyers, housing prices have increased tremendously as well by virtue of demand and supply. There has never been a better time to sell your home in Maine. Chat with one of our experienced agents today to learn more about selling your home in todays market.